October 21, 2017

Book Blast + Giveaway: Professor Ladybug Teaches Alphabet Animals

Professor Ladybug Teaches Alphabet Animals 

Practicing the alphabet is fun when your child can do it learning about animals! This workbook contains over two hundred practice pages, easy-to-follow instructions, and lots of bonus games and activities. Educational exercises include:
  • Alphabet practice
  • Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition and practice
  • Simple drawing exercises that improve understanding
  • Essential writing practice
  • Practice writing rudimentary sentences
  • Matching exercises
  • Basic word puzzles
  • And much, much more!
This workbook also encourages numerous life skills that are essential for your child, including word recognition, memory recall and creative thinking. These books allow your children to learn in a way that is both fun and highly effective! Parents with younger children can read along and explore these fun animals together! Professor Ladybug workbooks are packed with simple learning exercises that your children will be happy to complete. This workbook is designed primarily for children aged 3-6.

Praise for the Book: 

Professor Ladybug workbooks are wonderful for young children... Engaging them to learn, think, write, create, and draw. I love it. Creative with a great page layout. Certificates in the back to award to the children upon completing their learning tasks. I wish children's workbooks were more like this one when I was little. Overall, I highly recommend this one to both teachers and parents alike. ~Danielle Urban, Urban Book Reviews

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$100 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Giveaway 
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Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. 


October 20, 2017

Berserker Blog Tour: Tens List + Giveaway


Berserker (Berserker #1)
Author: Emmy Laybourne
Release Date: October 10, 2017
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends


Are Hanne's powers a gift from the old Norse gods, or a curse?

Her brother Stieg swears their powers are a gift from the old gods, but Hanne Hemstad knows she is truly cursed. It's not Stieg's fault that their father is dead, their mother has left, and their brother Knut has been accused of a crime he didn't commit.

No, the fault lies with Hanne and her inability to control her murderous "gift"--she is a Berserker. When someone she loves is threatened, she flies into a killing state. The siblings must leave Norway for the American frontier or risk being brought to justice.

Aided by a young cowboy who agrees to be their guide, Hanne and her siblings use their powers to survive the perilous trail, where blizzards, wild animals, and vicious bounty hunters await.

Will they be able to reach their uncle, the one man Hanne believes may be able to teach her how to control her drive to kill? With Berserker, Emmy Laybourne, the author of Monument 14, presents her vision of an American west studded with Viking glory. 

Praise for BERSERKER:

"Emmy Labourne deftly melds Viking lore with the American West and creates something wholly new, a journey filled with heart-pounding suspense and surprising tenderness. Loved!"―Danielle Paige New York Times-bestselling author the Dorothy Must Die series

"Berserker combines the magic of Norse mythology with the thrill of the American West with staggering results. Startlingly original, unputdownable, and electrifying." ―Kass Morgan, author of New York Times bestseller The 100

"A completely winning, romantic, and heart-wrenching historical fantasy. Your pulse will race from page one of this rich, rugged adventure of a book."―Alyson Noel, New York Times-bestselling author of The Immortals series

"Berserker embraces the beautiful brutality of both Viking lore and Frontier tales, and it does so without resorting to tired tropes or toxic masculinity. This is a brilliantly unexpected fusion of cowboys and old gods―intense and gritty and yet surprisingly tender―but the real strength of Emmy Laybourne's writing is that, for all their superhuman abilities, her characters are so very human."―William Ritter, author of the New York Times-bestselling Jackaby series


“Simultaneously terrifying, hilarious, and action-packed, Sweet is a wild ride that holds up a warped mirror to our society. I loved it from the first line to the last.” ―Marie Lu, author of Legend and The Young Elites on Sweet

“Frighteningly real . . . Riveting.” ―The New York Times Book Review on Monument 14

“A tense, claustrophobic, and fast-paced thriller.” ―Publishers Weekly, starred review of Monument 14

“Pretty darn breathless.” ―Booklist on Sky on Fire

You can purchase Berserker at the following Retailers:
Top Ten Reasons to Read Berserker

1. It is the best young-adult novel about a teenager from Norway with supernatural Viking super powers set in 1883 you will ever read!

2. Has charming dog in it based off my own dog, Bodhi.

3. It is a survival tale, but has a lovely romance at its heart.

4. My manager and I are going to sell it as a TV series, so if you read it now, you can say you were the first to know about it!

5. It has an awesome bad guy named Kettle in it who is a killer with a blond moustache. Moustaches are cool.

6. The first run of the cover will feature a beautiful two‑tone texture -- glossy and matte. They will only do it for the first few thousand copies, so get one now to have the special, cool cover.

7. My brother says it's the best thing I've ever written.

8. My daughter says it’s the best thing she’s ever read, but you have to discount this a bit, because I dedicated it to her. Believe #7 though, my brother does not mess around.

9. There is a surprise accordion dance party in the middle of the book.

10. Of all my books, I love it the best.
Emmy Laybourne is a novelist, screenwriter and former character actress. She is the author of the upcoming release BERSERKER ("You will love Emmy Laybourne's vision of an American west studded with Viking glory." - Hypable.com), as well as the MONUMENT 14 trilogy ("Frighteningly real… riveting" - NYT Book Review, Editor’s Choice) and the novel SWEET (“A gripping action-adventure survival story” – VOYA, rated Perfect Ten).

Before her life as a novelist, Emmy performed original comedy on Comedy Central, MTV and VH1; and acted in the movies "Superstar," "The In-Laws" and "Nancy Drew," among others. Emmy lives outside New York City with her husband, two kids and a flock of 9 nifty chickens.

(4) Winners will receive a Copy of BERSERKER by Emmy Laybourne.
Giveaway is open to International. | Must be 13+ to Enter


October 19, 2017

Monsters & Angels Blog Tour: Excerpt + Giveaway


Monsters & Angels
Author: Anne Marie Andrus

Genre: New Adult Historical/Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: October 11, 2017


Fledgling nurse Sorcha Alden knew she had the skills to save lives, but she never dreamed that her own life would be the one in danger.

Driven by tragedy to honor her family name, Sorcha embarks on a journey that takes her from the bleak but familiar streets of New York, through the sultry and seductive city of New Orleans, and into the brutal jungles of Nepal. Forging friendships and carrying on her mother’s mission of healing was her dream. Plunging into a love affair with the mysterious Dr. Ashayle could have been a fairytale.

Being murdered and waking up as a blood-thirsty monster—became her living nightmare.

Torn away form a life that had just begun, Sorcha returns to New Orleans as a newborn vampire, forced to start over in a cutthroat underworld of devilry and decadence. Complicated politics, bitter rivals and jealous ancestors stand between her and the promises she’s still determi

ned to keep.

In a realm where the boundary between good and evil is as murky as the Mississippi River and immortal does not mean invincible, will Sorcha ever risk her shattered heart and love again? Can the magical harmony of the Crescent City give her enough courage to fulfill her eternal destiny?

Across Canal, onto Royal, past the cathedral, left turn toward the party noise. Strangers saw Raimond and instinctively stepped back.

Sorcha had walked this path as a young woman, steering clear of anyone who looked threatening. Now, it was different. Bombarded by the acrid smell of flesh, she gravitated toward bars spilling out loud music and drunk patrons.

The human pulses vibrated the center of Sorcha’s chest and clobbered her eardrums. Heartbeats.

“This way, we’re going to dinner.” Raimond’s vise grip guided Sorcha down a crooked alley.

Rue Bourbon. Finally.

In the damp courtyard, two disheveled figures stared blankly at a moss covered wall. Raimond blocked her path. “The idea here is to drink enough to quench your thirst—not kill them. It’s a fine line.”

Nausea twisted Sorcha’s stomach. How can I hurt these innocent people? The pounding tempo in each man’s neck overrode her hesitation. Blood threatened to burst out of their arteries. Not a glimmer of fear. “Why aren’t they running?”

“I was here already tonight. They won’t give us any trouble.” Raimond pointed to the inside of one man’s elbow. “Avoid the delicate neck area, for now.”

“Why?” Who cares, I’m famished. She lunged, clamping her fangs into his arm. The skin was as soft as the goat’s, but the blood wasn’t watery. Chocolate syrup meets cherry soda. Drawing her face back to look into his eyes, Sorcha dragged the man down onto the cold stone of the courtyard, latching back onto the limp arm.

“That eccentric heartbeat is your signal to stop.” Raimond needed all his strength to disconnect her jaws from the wilting man. They wound up a tangled heap in a stone fountain, under a dripping gargoyle.

“The drooling goblin—from my dream.”

“What?” Shaking his head, Raimond looked into her eyes. Pale blue had turned into burning sapphire. “You’ll need some practice. It’s not necessary to wear your dinner.”

Sorcha looked down at her blood-soaked shirt. Her face was sticky too but she felt so
alive and powerful, it didn’t matter. Her gaze shifted toward the second man. “Ooo…”

“Pace yourself.” Losing his grip on Sorcha’s arm, Raimond yanked her back by her hair. “Let’s clean up this fella first. He can’t go out onto the street looking like he got bitten.” He sliced his finger on his own fangs, rubbing the blood into the victim’s arm. The sloppy wound started to heal immediately. “You try now.”
Sorcha followed his lead and the scar faded into unbroken skin. “I’m still hungry.”

“Watch carefully.” Raimond bared his fangs, pulling the second human’s head to the side and exposing the bounding pulse in his neck. “Only bite hard enough to puncture the skin, then let the heartbeat drive blood down your throat.”

“Got it—no throat ripping. Why did you put them under such a trance?”

“Would you rather they fight back?”

“Maybe a little.”

Sorcha marveled at Raimond’s skill. Looks effortless. He took two long swallows and disengaged, offering his student an unmarked section of flesh. Blazing red eyes, flexing muscles—and fangs under his smile. Erotic...devastating. Hope I blocked that thought.

Sorcha pushed the images away and followed Raimond’s instructions to the best of her ability. “How was that?”

“Not bad, for a beginner.” Raimond examined the bite, bigger than his and not as tidy. “Practice, practice.”

“Won’t be a problem.” Sorcha’s thirst felt endless. She sliced her finger, covered both wounds and watched them heal. “That’s amazing, but now what—they tell all their friends that vampires ate them?”

“No, that’s the next part of tonight’s lesson. Planting your version of events.” Raimond maneuvered Sorcha until she stared into the first man’s glazed eyes.

“What do I say to make him believe me?”

“I’ll show you.” Raimond traded places with her.

Sorcha watched as the air turned hazy.

“You went out to a party and someone slipped something in your drink. You and your friend passed out behind the bar.”

The man repeated the statement back word for word.

Raimond pointed toward the second man. “You try. Concentrate and make a connection.
Look deeper than his eyes. Force your words into his mind.”

It took Sorcha a few tries to get any results at all. The man seemed confused. He repeated back a story but not the correct one. This needs practice too.

Raimond stepped in, easily planting the correct version and dumping both men on the banquette. He moistened a cloth in the old fountain. “Clean up.” He motioned to Sorcha’s face and neck. “Wear my jacket, your shirt is drenched with blood.”

Stepping over the pile of humans, they emerged from the darkness of the alley. Sorcha reached behind her head, untied the hair ribbon and shook soft waves around her face. She walked down the middle of Bourbon Street as if she owned it, oblivious to the crowds that parted in front of them.
Anne Marie has been an equestrienne, chorale singer, candy-striper, EMT, and baseball fan. Roaming the back roads of New Jersey with her family, she found great respect for antiques, historical locations and the stories they hold. Her current list of favorite pastimes include coffee, bourbon, and Les Miserables--which requires more bourbon. She has been known to attend sporting events just for the flyover. The boat she and her husband christened Glory Days, is her escape from the chaos of everyday life.

The inspiration for Anne Marie's debut novel, Monsters & Angels, is her fascination with vampires and her passion for everything New Orleans. When she isn't writing, she can be found working nights with the critical care team in a busy trauma center.


October 18, 2017

Sublime Karma Blog Tour: Spotlight + Giveaway

Sublime Karma
Author: Peyton Garver
Publication Date: May 28, 2017 
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing  
Pages: 302 
Formats: Paperback eBook 


When Brie's stepfather moves the family for what he calls a new beginning, it's not the new beginning the beautiful, yet guarded, senior would have hoped for. Brie is instantly targeted by jealous girls at her new school, and the only available seat on her bus is next to the school's star wide receiver, Jake, who for some reason, finds her offensive. After a humiliating article and picture of Brie is posted in the online school journal, a demon she thought she'd overcome resurfaces, and her life unravels. A newly compassionate Jake has finally taken an interest in her, but can Brie learn to trust her heart, or will she miss out on the best thing that ever happened to her? 
 Jake has his own secrets and has built his own walls, but eventually his curiosity about the new girl gets the best of him. Unfortunately, now there is competition: the captain of her cross-country team. Jake's romantic histories with the girl next door and the school's queen bee, adds tension to a simmering tempest when all he wants is Brie. Is he strong enough to help the one he loves weave sense into her crumbling new reality while overcoming his own tainted past? This is an edgy YA with issues of bullying, self harm, and attempted suicide...with an HEA ending.  

Find it: Amazon, B&N, TBD, Goodreads

As a child, Peyton called places like Livorno, Italy; Orléans, France; and Augsburg, Germany home. She has since settled in Maryland, where she earned her degree in education at Towson State University, married her sweetheart of two years, and became an instant mother to three spirited young boys before adding another son to the brood. And, with their yellow lab George, it's no stretch to say she's outnumbered.  

When not writing, Peyton is a full time teacher. Inspired by the individual spirits, heartaches, and triumphs of her students, Peyton has developed characters who resemble real world teens dealing with real issues: relationships, jealousy, bullying, and depression. Her newest novel, Sublime Karma, is a contemporary story filled with emotion, depth, wit, and suspense. Sublime Karma was published in the fall of 2016 by Soulmate Publishing. 

When asked if she actually involves her students in her stories, Peyton answered that her stories are completely fictional, but then admitted to an activity in which she does involve them. "One quirky, fun thing I like to do with students who have read my book is develop a dream cast for my characters. That all started when a group of girls were arguing over which actor they thought best fit the character Four in Veronica Roth's novel Divergent. They then turned their efforts to my manuscript.  I've since added those dream casts to my website." 

When she's not teaching or writing, Peyton enjoys traveling. The Caribbean Islands have become a favorite vacation getaway for Peyton and her husband. "Nothing is better than sitting on a beach, in front of the crystal clear sea, enveloped in the warmth of the tropical sun with a frosty piña colada and a good book that I just can't put down."  

(1) winner will receive TWO signed a finished copies of SUBLJME KARMA 1 for them and one for the high school of the winner's choice to be dedicated in their name and a $10 Amazon Gift Card - US Only!

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